The Evenues Story

The eVenues story is about matching busy people with great spaces.

Busy people such as business professionals, entrepreneurs, event planners, and party throwers alike share a common problem: locating and securing a short-term meeting space in minutes. No phone time; no walk-thru hassles; no negotiation; no paperwork. Just book the you can get onto other things.

At the same time, hundreds of unique meeting spots sit vacant most days, evenings and weekends in cities and towns the world over. It could be a classroom, boardroom, or dance studio. But, busy people don't know about them. We know this problem all too well. Until recently, we used to manage 9200 square feet of classroom space in downtown Seattle. To our surprise, there wasn't an online service that could manage the listing, the short-term availability, direct booking, and payment reimbursement.

After months of meeting with busy people and various meeting venues, we decided to build the first online public marketplace for real-time meeting space. Our goal is to match providers of unique, affordable spaces with prospective renters.

So, for that busy person planning an event– whether a client presentation, a creative writing workshop, or team building event – we want you to find the perfect venue match!

And, for that person owning a unique venue, eVenues can help put you in business! We give you the tools to increase your profitability, gain visibility on the Internet, and save valuable time.

Meeting Space In Bellingham Washington

Kiln Boardroom - The Woods Coffee, Bellingham, Wa