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Hearing a lot about and wondering why more and more people are joining Meetup to promote their events, making new friends etc.? Let's find out.

What is

Meetup was formed in 2002; it is an online social networking site. People from all over the world can share their common interest with others and meet offline through Meetup. All you have to do is enter your zip code or city and the topic you want to discuss with others. The topic can be anything such as books, beauty, games, politics, health, business, jobs, pets, shopping, technology etc. the time and venue of your meeting will be arranged by the organizers of the group. In case you are not sure about your topic of discussion you can also choose from the topic listing after entering your location.

We see that Meetup has easily segregated people in different groups. This segregation can help any marketer to reach it potential or existing client by way of Meetup.

For example, maybe your company manufactures beauty products in New Zealand. Then your company can join Meetup and be a member of a group consisting of people of New Zealand, who are interested in discussing beauty-related topics. Furthermore, you also have the option to join a group with people from all over the world interested in beauty product. After joining the group you can have discussions about the product of your company with the members and invite them to an event to network and distribute your product as a sample.

Why should you promote your event on Meetup?

There are many sites that provide a platform to users with common interest to meet online, but nobody apart from Meetup has created anything that helped users to meet offline. It not only helps its members to find people with common interest, but it has also developed a platform for advertisers to reach and establish prospective clients.

In the last two years, Meetup has formed more than thirty thousand groups. Everyday more and more people are joining this site, to date there are more than two million Meetup users. For instance, all the singles of Kolkata city can meet up with all the single like-minded people, and organize an event. Their event can be sponsored by any marketer whose target audience is smart tech savvy singles of Kolkata.

Thousands of Meetup members use to book their group meetings. The company is also upgrading it site by adding a valuable feature.This new feature will allow group members to cast votes for the group leader. A few duties of a group leader might include the facilitation of meetings along with the invites.

Let people know you have joined Meetup, and ask more people to join your group by liking Meetup on Facebook, sharing the news of joining Meetup by posting a status on Facebook or by tweeting about it on your twitter account.

You can also create a group with the title: Homemade Cupcakes, and people interested in homemade cupcakes will join your group. Creating your own Meetup group is comparatively a longer process than joining an exciting one. You can also develop certain rules for your new group.

Any member can suggest any idea or date and venue for an offline meeting with the members.

In order to decide the best place for offline meeting one can take the help of It is a website that helps in managing events such as trades, fairs, annual general meeting, business meetings, conclave, etc. by helping you choose the best venue for an occasion. One can book a meeting place directly online by, thus no need to talk to managers or any other officials for booking your venue.

On the date of your offline meeting you can bring your homemade cupcakes and share with your members, this way you may end up getting orders for cupcake.

You can have members of your school, business, colleges, or society and create your group. There is no restriction, you can have any kind of group you want and organize meetings and events along with the group members. Likewise, you can form a group with prospective clients and invite them to trade fairs, dinners, etc. as part of a b2b meeting.

You can also have parties, galas, and functions at one click with no need to send paper invitations or make any calls. There will not be any problems in booking your "venue" thanks to

Benefits of

Following are some of the striking features of

  • Meetup helps you identify any meet-up group near you location.
  • Following a local community, organizing events, conducting polls all have become easier because of Meetup.
  • Its helps you to meet offline easily and also help in saving your time and cost by inviting others and even find appropriate member for your group. It is an easy way to advertise and reach your potential customer by promoting any event taking place at Meetup.
  • One of the features of this site that makes it different from others is the differentiation between members. One can easily differentiate between a member organizer and an ordinary member.
  • You can also check a member's profile in other social media accounts, provided the member has linked his account to other networking sites. is advantageous for both an individual and a company. Individuals with common skills or interest, meeting offline on a regular basis will help with the development of new ideas, business, society, nation, and to the world at large.