Event Planning in San Francisco: The Venue Guide

As the hub of finance and culture in Northern California, San Francisco offers a lot of choices when it comes to event venues. Whether you're planning a small group meeting, a workshop, a seminar, or a large corporate gala, you're sure to find a San Francisco venue that fits your size and budget requirements.

To help you pick out the ideal one, here's a brief guide on some of San Francisco's meeting spaces and party places, from the hotels downtown to the high-rise office buildings of the Financial District to the swanky nightclubs of SoMa. We have grouped them according to size, price, and location to make it easier for you.



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Venues for Small Group Meetings

When it comes to small group meetings, San Francisco offers lots of possibilities, from inexpensive meeting venues to high-end executive boardrooms.

If you're on a budget, check out the CO-Spot Conference Room or the small conference room at the Sandbox Suites SoMa, both of which fall within the $20 to $25 per hour range. Sandbox Suites SoMa also has a medium conference room and a large conference room available at a slightly higher price if you need something with a bigger capacity.

Among the higher-priced options, we recommend the following:

Of course, these are only a small sampling of the many meeting venues San Francisco has to offer. If you want to see the complete range of options, visit our San Francisco Listings Page. To narrow down your search, use the filters on the left-hand side.

Offsite Meeting Rooms with Amenities

Some venues offer those little extras that help facilitate meetings and make them a bit more high tech, whether it's wireless Internet, whiteboards, projectors, or audio-visual equipment. If you're looking for a venue in San Francisco that's equipped with those capabilities, we suggest the following:

  • Champs Elysees at pariSomaCapable of seating 15 to 20 people, this meeting space has a large whiteboard, a chalkboard, wifi, a 50-inch plasma TV that you can use for your presentations, and even a kitchen.
  • Main Room and Gate Room of The Box SFIf you want to lend a stylish feel to your board meetings and other events, this venue is a good choice. It can comfortably seat 32 people for board meetings, and accommodate up to 150 for receptions. Plus, it features wireless Internet, built-in screens, and an LCD projector. It has large windows that let natural light in, and boasts of a conference/dining table made from two 325-year-old Chinese village doors.

Venues for Seminars, Workshops, and Other Mid-Sized Events (50 to 100 People)

If your company is looking for a seminar or workshop venue that can fit 50 to 100 guests, San Francisco offers a variety of choices. Listed below are a few suggestions:

  • The Tobin Room of the Huntington Hotel and Nob Hill Spa is a stylish venue that can accommodate up to 60 people. It has wireless Internet, audio-visual equipment, and built-in screens.
  • The Atrium of Sandbox Suites South Park has room for up to 80 people and features wifi, whiteboards, and an LCD projector. Large windows let natural light in, and the place is easily accessible by private and public transportation.
  • Sandbox Suites has two other locations—Union Square and SoMa—with rooms for mid-sized events. The Union Square room accommodates up to 80 people, and the SoMa room up to 50. Both have Internet access, whiteboards, and an LCD projector.

Venues for Large Parties and Galas (100+ People)

Whether you're holding a fundraising gala, a charity event, an awards ceremony, or any large corporate party, you'll need a spacious venue with convenient amenities and that "wow" factor! Luckily, you'll find lots of options in San Francisco. Capable of accommodating anywhere from 100 guests all the way up to 1,000 and beyond, these venues come in a range of prices that will fit any budget.


One option you might want to consider is an art gallery. Galleries are roomy and versatile, ideal not only for art exhibits but also for just about any event. For smaller parties of up to 110 guests, check out Steven Wolf Fine Arts, a ground floor loft-style art gallery. For bigger events of up to 288 people, meanwhile, consider Superfrog Gallery. This venue features wireless Internet, built-in AV, and an LCD projector. It offers in-house catering but accepts outside caterers as well. Parking at the Japantown shopping center is easily accessible.

If you're looking for an even bigger venue, there's the Soker Studios. It has a capacity of 325, and features floor-to-ceiling windows and modern décor that will infuse a futuristic feel into your parties.

Event Venues

If you have something loud and lively planned out, consider Space 550. This venue features three dance floors, four full bars, and modern sound and lighting equipment. For groups of up to 200, Space 550's Green Room is ideal. For bigger parties, meanwhile, choose the Ballroom, which has a capacity of up to 750. Free parking is available nearby.

Now if you want to pull out all the stops, check out the high-end 900-capacity Canyon View. It has a large stage, a dance floor, in-house catering featuring Italian-American cuisine, full bar service, and onsite free parking. Plus, it sits high up in the San Ramon Hills, offering a stunning view of the valley that will leave your guests in awe!

Plenty of other venues are available in San Francisco for your large events. If you need help booking any of the rooms mentioned in this guide, or any of our San Francisco listings for that matter, feel free to contact us through our Full Service inquiry form.

Venues in the Financial District

What better place to hold your meetings than in San Francisco's Financial District? As the city's center for business, it is home to countless offices and can be easily accessed by bus and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Naturally, the neighborhood has a variety of venues that can be rented by the hour or daily.

For small group meetings of up to five attendees, we recommend Bay Room, which is located right in the heart of the district. The meeting room features wireless Internet, whiteboards, a conference phone, and a kitchen. Additional services can be requested, such as AV support and assistance with catering, taxi, airline, and hotel reservations.

If you want a place in the same area with a bigger capacity, consider TransAmerica. It offers the same amenities and services as Bay Room, but can accommodate up to 12 people.

Downtown Venues

Because of its accessibility to public transportation and its multitude of business and retail centers, hotels, and restaurants, you can't go wrong with downtown San Francisco. It is a convenient location for meetings, and offers lots of options for after-meeting activities as well. Plus you have myriad choices when it comes to venues, whether you're organizing an event for 10 or 100.

A familiar sight in downtown San Francisco is the Huntington Hotel and Nob Hill Spa. With its elegant interiors and superb service, this hotel is a good choice for your events. For board and other small group meetings, it has an Executive Boardroom featuring wireless Internet, AV equipment, and built-in screens. This boardroom can fit up to 14 people.

For bigger groups, there's the Charles Crocker room, which has a capacity of up to 40 and features wireless Internet and built-in AV. Still another option is the Central Pacific room, which also accommodates 40 people and provides wifi. All of these rooms at the Huntington Hotel and Nob Hill Spa offer in-house catering as well.

Meeting Rooms Near the San Francisco Airport

Just a stone's throw away from San Francisco Airport, there are meeting rooms available for booking. These are great when you have last-minute meetings planned before your flight, or if you have attendees from out of town and you're all eager to get started right away.

One of the options is the aptly named Lear Jet room, which is ideal for small groups of up to six people. For slightly bigger groups of up to 14, consider the Gulf Stream room. Both provide Internet access, whiteboards, and a conference phone, as well as free water, flipchart, and meeting stationery. Additional services can also be arranged, such as photocopying and AV support, and assistance with catering, taxi, airline, and hotel reservations.

San Francisco's Unique and Rare Spaces

Of course, meetings don't always have to take place inside a conference room. Whether you're looking to impress guests with a fun experience, you're craving a certain ambiance, or you just want to try something new, San Francisco offers several special venues that might fit the bill. Options include a movie theater, nightclubs, lounges, and a recording studio.

  • Variety Club Preview Room -- Want a private movie screening along with your party? This movie theater comes fully equipped and is in fact used regularly by studios for press screenings. It can fit up to 50 people, and it has an adjoining lounge where you can hold your party.
  • VIP Suite/Floor Two of Mist Ultra Club -- If you want to treat your guests to a night of dancing, Mist Ultra Club is a good choice. The VIP Suite accommodates up to 50 people and features a state-of-the-art sound system, a fully equipped DJ booth, a dance floor, and impressive décor.
  • Floor One of Mist Ultra Club -- On the first floor of Mist Ultra Club is a bigger space ideal for parties of up to 200. It features the same stylish ambiance and modern amenities as the VIP Suite. Plus, a stage can be set up for live shows.
  • Horizon Restaurant and Lounge -- Impress your guests with the chic ambiance of this venue. This 50-capacity lounge features luxurious leather seating, a permanent stage, and modern sound and lighting equipment. The centerpiece is a 70-foot black marble wraparound bar. In-house catering is available, but outside caterers are also accepted.
  • CP's Music Space -- For those in the recording business, here's a personal music lab equipped with a PA, an electric piano and organ, an acoustic guitar, and a turntable. It fits five people and is great for collaborating and practicing with fellow musicians. Plus, it's very affordable at $15 an hour.

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